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Hi Penguins!

i’m srry i have not been posting much lately, it’s because my cousins came last week and they stick on the PC a lot!

anyway welcome christmas party!


the new present pin is in the ski lodge


and get the santa hats from last year in the snow forts!


and get his beard at the ski villiage


and theย  newspaper is out two days ago heres the pages


and heres page 2


page 3 and so on till the edn where you submit questions








that’s all i can aford srry

and by the way the stage quest for the golden puffle is out on stage today!


and here are some funny pictures for christmas!

Beware of the candy cart! or else!


I loooove gingerbread houses, but i don’t think my penguin can finish THIS one !


and last i”m a toy!


merry christmas penguins!


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Decerations and yamatof!

Hi penguins!

the deceroations are on town today go cheack it out!


and heres my oldest penguin yamatof!


~merry christmas penguins!


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My penguin and december 12!

Hi penguins

i finally got a picture my penguin bstby911 here it is!


and rockhopper is here for coins for change!


and the new2 stage is here the quest for the golden puffle!


and make sure you get the bells from last year!


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december 12!

Hi penguin’s tomorrow,december21, is going to be a big day for CP so i’ll tell you penguins what will happen on this big day


rockhopper the pirate will be here with you for the christmas party!


donate all your coins for those poor kids!


the new play quest for the golden puffle will be out on the stage that day!

yay! no fairy fables! yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 and last: better-igloos

decorate your new chistmas igloo tomorrow!

and i’ll be posting the new newspaper soon


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srry! :(

Hi Penguins

Bstby911 here and i am bringing you sad news

We Won’t be having the party today cause luke911 is stuck on his plane and won’t be back till 9 p.m. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

well and i’ll post the catalog cheats soon

have a merry christmas to you all penguins HOHOHO


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cp elite force acsses code! coming soon

marry christmas ya’ll penguins!

i am still bstby911 he will be back this afternoon for yourย  p a r t y!

and then he will leave ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

anyway this afternoon luke911 is going to tell you all penguins what is the secret acsess code to from the new cupboard in cp! :O


P.S. go commet at this page and stay on it or…

i’ll wont post ! :@

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rockhopper’s home! :)

Merry christmas penguins!

i am luke911’s older brother, nickname’s bstby911, your author here went on vacation so it’s my job to take good care of his blog

in the cp times rockhopper says he will come back and today go to the beacon and look at the telescope and you will see rockhopper! ๐Ÿ™‚


and make sure you check my younger brother’s blog every day ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ bstby911

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Mission 10 Sneak Peek! :O

Hi Penguins!

I Am Excited For The New Mission 10!

Here Is a Sneak Peek


It Looks Like Gary Training A Spy Agent! Very Cool :O

If you Havent Finish All The Misiion your Batter Get Started!

I’ll Soon Make A Page for How To Become A Spy Agent And A Tour Guide!

And How To Beat All The Missions When Your A Spy Agent!

Merry Christmas To You All! HoHoHo!

~ Luke911

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newspaper cheat

hi penguins!

i am sure you guys are excited for Christmas so am I anyway i’m a little off-topic

i found a cheat on the newspaper and follow these insturstions and you’ll be doing it to!

1: open the newspaper and click on we need you!


2: click on the question button and then hit send

optional: you can send a question to aunt arctic while you do this ๐Ÿ™‚


then go back ot the main page hit tab button (north of your caps lock on your keyboard, south of the Esc on your keyboard)

type something in and hit enter your penguin will be talking and reading the newspaper at the same time!


thanks for reading my blog penguins! merry christmas to you all! HOHOHO!


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