club penguin cheats and glitches with luke911

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main server!


starwarslover here and  and i have news:

you see my older brother has quit CP yesterday and do you know what he told me???

starwarslover: why did you quit CP brpther?

luke911: one. im 14, and i only only fusionfall and planet cazmo

can you belive that!!!!

he quit Cp for planet cazmo and fusionfall!( i play it anyway)

do you know about the menber dance party?

well, i have news for it, there are going to be three levels, you can met lots of DJs and you and your friends and try a dance contest!

news 2:

i usually go to husky server when i take the pics and its where the group server is so if you except a meeting with me, ill be at the stage in husky if not try  the dock, still not, im on another place or server ill be rare seenable, cause my mom times me and i play cp not often only when there is intresting stuff ot new stuff and ill be reporting about the DJ party soon two more days so stay toon! ( i play fusionfall , CP , toontown , poptropica , and buildabearville, here are the sites)


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