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srry for the missin’ some news

i am srry for i have been busy since i started going to school

you can now adopt a white puffle!


white puffles are gentle and strong and turn anythinf into ice with its breath and soo cute

and heres a rare puffle!



and you can find cans of paints and boxes around CP for st pactriks day



and you can find a tree trunk house in the forest


and there is a new PBl(paint by letters) called lime green dojo clean


thanks for the patient know i will be posting quickly now from news thx!

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vote my bro!


let’s see what penguins say about the what my bro said!

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main server!


starwarslover here and  and i have news:

you see my older brother has quit CP yesterday and do you know what he told me???

starwarslover: why did you quit CP brpther?

luke911: one. im 14, and i only only fusionfall and planet cazmo

can you belive that!!!!

he quit Cp for planet cazmo and fusionfall!( i play it anyway)

do you know about the menber dance party?

well, i have news for it, there are going to be three levels, you can met lots of DJs and you and your friends and try a dance contest!

news 2:

i usually go to husky server when i take the pics and its where the group server is so if you except a meeting with me, ill be at the stage in husky if not try  the dock, still not, im on another place or server ill be rare seenable, cause my mom times me and i play cp not often only when there is intresting stuff ot new stuff and ill be reporting about the DJ party soon two more days so stay toon! ( i play fusionfall , CP , toontown , poptropica , and buildabearville, here are the sites)

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meet starwarslol1!


im starwarslover and here are my grand funny pics

Call me godzilla!( i took all this pictures naked!)


hold on tight!


cruelest joke in CP history! ( or not)


CP is acually from german! look at these pics and you’ll know what i mean!






the new gingerbread man pin is in the lodge attic,



opinion: why do they need to save snow??? i mean, theres lots of snow, no pollution there, and why are the saving snow???( you can disagree if you like, its a opinion, not a fact)


bye for now

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i quit CP :(

dear penguins,

I, luke911, has quit CP, so my younger bro, Starwarslover, will take over me spot

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lots and lots of news!

Hi Penguins!

i’m srry i have not been posting much lately, it’s because my cousins came last week and they stick on the PC a lot!

anyway welcome christmas party!


the new present pin is in the ski lodge


and get the santa hats from last year in the snow forts!


and get his beard at the ski villiage


and the  newspaper is out two days ago heres the pages


and heres page 2


page 3 and so on till the edn where you submit questions








that’s all i can aford srry

and by the way the stage quest for the golden puffle is out on stage today!


and here are some funny pictures for christmas!

Beware of the candy cart! or else!


I loooove gingerbread houses, but i don’t think my penguin can finish THIS one !


and last i”m a toy!


merry christmas penguins!

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Decerations and yamatof!

Hi penguins!

the deceroations are on town today go cheack it out!


and heres my oldest penguin yamatof!


~merry christmas penguins!


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My penguin and december 12!

Hi penguins

i finally got a picture my penguin bstby911 here it is!


and rockhopper is here for coins for change!


and the new2 stage is here the quest for the golden puffle!


and make sure you get the bells from last year!


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december 12!

Hi penguin’s tomorrow,december21, is going to be a big day for CP so i’ll tell you penguins what will happen on this big day


rockhopper the pirate will be here with you for the christmas party!


donate all your coins for those poor kids!


the new play quest for the golden puffle will be out on the stage that day!

yay! no fairy fables! yay! 🙂

4 and last: better-igloos

decorate your new chistmas igloo tomorrow!

and i’ll be posting the new newspaper soon


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srry! :(

Hi Penguins

Bstby911 here and i am bringing you sad news

We Won’t be having the party today cause luke911 is stuck on his plane and won’t be back till 9 p.m. 😦

well and i’ll post the catalog cheats soon

have a merry christmas to you all penguins HOHOHO


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