club penguin cheats and glitches with luke911

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sorry and poll

hi penguins

cp is sorry for the bug in card jitsu when you play it i’ll will say room full

when it happens to you check out the new stage or hang out with your friends or just wait for people to finish playing card jitsu!

i will be hapy if you will poll this plz thanks šŸ™‚


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new pin and stage adn clothing catalog with cheats and dojo penguin forums

hi penguins

the new stage “fairy fables” is out on the stage today and this is so… idk how to say


the new pin, which is called the snowflake tile, is out at the beach on the wall of the lighthouse,


the new furniture catalog is out on cp also click on the xmas ribbionĀ Ā for a leaning tree


click on the control terminla for a welcome mat


click on the guitar stand for the music stand


i also joined dojo penguin forums its a good website i hope you’ll join it too heres the website


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issue 162#

hi my dear penguins!
today newspaper issue 162 is out on cp and here areĀ the reports

the card jitsu training was a sucsess i’ve counted my reports that there are more than twenty thousand penguins have a ninaja mask, twice more for whites


the new play in the stage will be…

a fairy play! šŸ˜¦


you can redecorate your igloo at the same day


hereĀ is the sneak peek


P.S. im going to have a party, you’ll recieve more information later on


keep reading my blog

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penguins meet Card Jitsu!

hi penguins

novenber sevententh is tha day ninja tarining card jitsu is out!!!


yo can’t play without cards, and heres how you get them

talk with sensui


he’ll tell you the instuructions and give you cards

and youĀ need to know these:

water controls fire

snow controls water

fire controls snow

the object of the game is

1. Have three cards of the same type, in different colors

2. To have one of each card type, in different colors.

if you do very well at the game changllege sensui and win him then your…

a NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you have to go in different ranking heres the list


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coins for change coming to club penguin

hi penguins!
i am sure you guys are excited for the coins for change coming to clubĀ penguin and im posting about it!

last year the penguins donated about one million dollars to help children around the world


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